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Josephine County Foundation is teaching our students important life-skills. The JCF students are performing community service projects to make Josephine County a better place for all of us. So how can you get involved and be a part of this effort to create a more healthy, well educated, and vibrant community?

“What a bright star this organization has been, is, and will continue to be in Josephine County. This organization and the students are an example of what can happen when young people realize the needs around them and have the support of their community as they work to address the challenges in our County. These students have been allowed to dream of and will achieve a better community.”

–Keith Heck, Former County Commissioner

Volunteer Your Time

1—Time is a valuable commodity, because there are only so many hours in a day and we have to decide how to spend that time. We want to spend our time doing what brings us the most benefit. Being a volunteer enables you to meet people while doing something positive for your community. There is no greater satisfaction in life than helping others. Come volunteer with us!

2—Project GAP (Graduation Assistance Program) is a mentorship program tailored to enable students to successfully complete high school and plan for a successful future after high school. Project GAP’s main objectives are to provide encouragement, advocacy, goal setting and problem-solving skills that will establish the student in a positive pattern of living for their present and future!

Project GAP Mentors help students in many ways!

  • Provide support to local youth
  • Build relationships/support through meeting with a student once a week or twice a month
  • Commit to a student for a full school year or more
  • Help increase graduation rates

“Through my non-profit, Amigo Vision, I have had the privilege of working with JCF students to conduct a number of free vision clinics to help our community members with poor vision improve their lives by giving them the gift of better eyesight.”

-Dr. Kurt Wilkening, optometrist

Tell Us Your Ideas

Ideas for community service projects, which are performed by JCF students, come from many sources: student ideas, suggestions from community meetings, articles in newspapers, etc.

Do you have an idea of something which needs to be done to improve our community? Let us know about unmet needs, whether it is a major project or a small one which can be done by students in their Day of Service projects each year.

Do you know all about JCF – its mission, what it does in the community, how it educates our youth? Invite JCF students to speak at your service club, church, or organization. You will be amazed to learn all that these students do in our community! Maybe you will have a great idea on something your organization and JCF can partner doing for the benefit of our residents.

“I have had the privilege of volunteering my time at JCF events and making a financial contribution to their service projects because of the tremendous impact those students are having on the County residents I represent.”

– Keith Heck, Former Josephine County Commissioner

Contribute Your Financial Support

JCF students must raise funds through fundraising projects and grant writing to have the resources to conduct their community service projects. There are several ways in which you can contribute to assist to support JCF.

Send a financial gift to our mailing address below, or visit our donation page.

Help fund our education fund to get our youth the education to succeed.

Attend a future fundraising event! Join our mailing list to get automatic notification.

Help our students with clothing, toiletries, school supplies, and much more!

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