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Join Hands in the fight against bullying!

Project H.A.L.T. Initiative:

Project H.A.L.T. is an initiative by JCF to raise awareness of the issue and fight against bullying and violence.

To raise awareness to the bullying issue happening all over the country, an anti-bullying campaign was brought into the high school community. This campaign started off by making the high school students and their mission visible to the community through a 103-mile relay. Guest speakers were brought into the heart of the high schools. Students pledged their commitment to not bully and to stand up to those that do. Lesson plans were provided to teachers, highlighting important issues in the bullying epidemic.

2017 Marathon Kick-off:

Torches in hand, high school students began their anti-bullying campaign on the steps of the Josephine County Courthouse. Students from six different high schools participated in this 103-mile relay, handing their torch for the next team to grasp in their fight against bullying and violence.

“Bullying is a big problem in America. 49% of grades 4 through 12 kids are being bullied everyday.” – Garret Marcoulier, Project H.A.L.T. Student Leader


  1. 103-mile relay with over 80 participants.
  2. Guest speakers educating high school students about the bullying epidemic.
  3. High school students pledging they will not bully and will stand up to those who do bully.
  4. Lesson plans provided to H.A.L.T. bullying.


Student leaders kicked off the first leg of the run from the courthouse to Grants Pass High School.

The rest of the 103-mile relay was held the next day. Two routes were being ran at the same time:

One route was from Grants Pass High School to Rogue River Junior Senior High School to North Valley High School to New Hope Christian School to Hidden Valley High School.

The other route ran was from Hidden Valley High School to Illinois Valley High School.

United Together

  • Hidden Valley High School
  • Grants Pass High School
  • North Valley High School
  • Illinois Valley High School
  • New Hope Christian School
  • Rogue River Junior Senior High School

“This is an issue we can stop if we join together. It’s uniting, not dividing.” – Chris Pendleton, JCF Executive Director

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