Students Teaching--Correct Applied Spending Habits

Educating Students, One Penny at a Time!

The Goal of Project C.A.S.H.:

Provide financial education to young people to lay a strong foundation of good habits for the future.

Objectives of Project C.A.S.H.:

  • Give students a positive and more realistic on saving and spending money;
  • Give students an understanding of excessive public debt;
  • Give students budgeting skills through hands-on experiences in the classroom.
  • Teach students about the importance of the American Enterprise System and how to use it to its full potential;
  • Inspire students to pursue the business world and ultimately grow up to be contributing members of society.

Penny Drive Fundraiser:

  • Students raised money for at-risk students in their school system.


Impacted three different elementary schools, eight classrooms, and a total of 203 students.

  • Manzanita Elementary
  • Fruitdale Elementary
  • Madrona Elementary

One 5th grader, Cooper McCord, stated, “I loved how the three of you donated your time to come and teach us! The class was so much fun and thank you for the piggy bank.”

6 Pillars of Free Enterprise

  1. Private Property
  2. Price System
  3. Market Competition
  4. Entrepreneurship
  5. Voluntary Exchange
  6. Specialization

“Teaching the elementary students was a great experience, and I learned just as much as they did about all of the concepts,” Sayge Pereira, a JCYF member reflected.

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