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Josephine County Foundation’s Buddy Benches, H.A.L.T., C.A.S.H., Life Jacket Stations, Backpack Projects and other past projects have enriched the lives of our community, leaving a ripple effect!

Past Project: Buddy Benches


County Assessor, Connie Roach, and JCYF students have seen the effects of loneliness, isolation, lack of friendships, and bullying – leading to a partnership in regard to Buddy Benches! Implementing these benches together, every elementary school in District 7 has them available on the playground. If a student is in need of a friend, sitting on the bench, others are encouraged to reach out and invite them to join them on the playground.

Past Project: H.A.L.T.


Teen suicide is a rising epidemic in the lives of young teens. Project H.A.L.T. (Helping All Local Teens) is the Josephine County Foundation’s anti-bullying campaign, raising awareness of the bullying problem throughout our country!

Past Project: C.A.S.H.


Project C.A.S.H. (Correctly Applied Spending Habits) is a two-part project that has been tailored to educate elementary students about spending and saving money. The first phase was designed to teach elementary students about the American Enterprise System and the importance of budgeting. The second phase was designed to instigate a penny drive, providing money to homeless and at-risk teens.

Backpack Project


Homelessness in Josephine County is on the rise! More than 1,300 people are chronically homeless. To help provide young people with needed supplies for school, backpacks full of school supplies, are provided for homeless students.

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