We Love to Have Fun

JCYF students enjoy the time to give and have fun

Building relationships is vital to building collaboration, and through that, change! JCYF provides various fun events throughout the year, engaging students in laughter, appreciation, understanding, support, and trust.

FUN: Christmas Party

Christmas Parties

Christmas parties are always a time filled with laughter and joy! JCYF students, advisors, and families come together to celebrate each other and the time of year. Games, present exchanges, dinner, music, and conversations bring everyone together, enjoying each other’s company, hard work, and their successes.

Summer Leadership

Summer Leadership

Summer leadership camps bring the fun to the outdoors, in the midst of the beauty of Bend, Bandon, and Grants Pass. Students participate in games, leading to closer friendships. Students participate in scavenger hunts, leading to the excitement of the chase and victory! Students participate in swimming in the crystal clear pools and hiking along the nature trails. Students participate in creating S’mores while enjoying the crackling of the fire.


The sound of bowling pins crashing down, the cheers of ‘strike’, and the smell of pizza, brings JCYF students to the fun of the local bowling alley! Camaraderie and acceptance can be heard in the murmurs of the students, the cheers of support, and the undertone of encouragement.

NYC Business College Week

Business college week brings a new meaning to FUN, as it brings the students to the doorsteps of New York City! After applying to Business Week at Mercy College, students are selected to participate in this week-long learning event. To start off their adventure, a couple of days are spent in New York enjoying the sights, such as the Statue of Liberty, Staten Island, Brooklyn Bridge, the World Trade Center Memorial, Union Square, and Broadway. After taking in the sights of New York City, the students take a train to Dobbs Ferry to start their Mercy College experience. Sessions range from Emotional Intelligence to Entrepreneurship. The week ends with a Graduation Ceremony, new-found knowledge, new friendships, and a lasting memory, leading to the understanding that they can accomplish anything they set their minds to.

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