Scavenger Hunt

Mission: Grants Pass

Coming Together in support & fun!

Bringing the community together, this fun-raiser will incorporate local businesses, JCYF students, and community members. Starting off in the city of Grants Pass, participating teams will be given a Scavenger Hunt Passport Book and a clue. This clue will lead them to a local business, who will then sign off in a section of their Passport Book, handing them yet another clue. Prizes will be handed out to the winning teams.

Benefits of this fun-raiser:

  • Monies will go towards supporting JCF’s general funds, services, and projects.
  • The community will come together in support of each other.
  • Participants will have the opportunity to enjoy a tour around Grants Pass and local businesses.
  • Participants will get to stretch their minds and legs, competing for the next clue.

More information will come, in relation to this fun-raiser, during the summer of 2022.

Event coming in August 2022

Please stay tuned for more information on our upcoming Scavenger Hunt coming in August of 2022.

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