Poker Tournament

Play Poker for JCF!

The game that keeps on giving!

One of JCF’s fun-raisers, the annual poker tournament, raises money for their general fund, along with services and projects that benefit the community.

This fun-raiser helps JCF continue to be a part of the heartbeat that provides our community with the necessary ingredients towards success and well-being.

To provide an authentic experience for all, the annual poker tournament is run by Gamble for Good. Gamble for Good organizes the event, providing experienced dealers that ensure all participants enjoy the atmosphere of a true poker tournament.

Not only do participants get to compete by playing poker, they also get to take home the knowledge that they have made a difference in their community. For more specifics, keep scrolling.

location & logistics

  • This annual poker tournament is usually held in February.
  • Up to 100 people can come join the fun, participating in Texas Hold’em.
  • By-ins can keep participants in the game, continuing their support of the community.
  • Supporting our local businesses, this event is held at the Wild River Pub in Grants Pass.


  • Participants must work their way to the final table, using bluffing, lying, expertise, cleverness, and a lot of luck!
  • Those poker players that are fortunate enough to make it as a finalist will win a prize, determined by the amount of players.
  • The community is also a finalist, enjoying the benefits of a fun-raiser that gives back in a variety of ways.

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