We Have Fun With Funds

JCF Students helping make a difference

JCF is funded through fundraising, grants, and donations. The 24 Hour Fun-raiser, Poker Tournament, Coin Drive and much more all help support community service projects. Please look forward to support the students and they make a positive change to make Josephine County a better county going forward.

24-Hour Fundraiser

JCF is funded through fundraising, grants, and donations. This 24-hour fundraiser, meeting the lifestyles of many teens, brings fun and excitement to fundraising. Starting at 3pm on a Friday, the youth of JCF pull all-nighters to raise money for vital programs such as the annual Vision Clinic, Pink Week, Campus Closet, and so much more! This fundraiser is an integral part of helping out the community.

Poker Tournament

Holding their Poker Tournament, Josephine County Foundation has raised over $10,000 during one event to go towards future community service projects. It is their goal to raise graduation rates in Josephine County while teaching students business, teamwork, and philanthropy. This annual fundraiser provides JCF with the opportunity to reach out to the community with current and upcoming events!

Scavenger Hunt

This is a new community-wide fundraiser coming your way!

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