Weekend Food

Weekend Food Program

Dedicated to feeding the hungry!

The Why…

Poverty and COVID-19 have left people needing basic necessities – one of these necessities being food. To top this off, almost 1,000 students in Josephine County are homeless and another 60% live in low-income families already struggling to make ends meet. With jobs shutting down, putting food on the table and purchasing the basic necessities is nearly impossible as many of these families live paycheck to paycheck.

The How…

Monies for this program have been supplied through local grants and companies. Throughout the week, JCYF students and volunteers shop for nutritious, fresh food, which is then stored at Hidden Valley High School. 

The When…

This program began about a month after the community was asked to stay home due to COVID-19. Families were still able to receive school sack lunches by bus and at school locations; however, the need for groceries due to job layoffs was at an all-time high.

The Where…

Originally, at school locations, groceries were handed to students and their families to take home. This changed once summer hit. Throughout the summer, once a week, 30 families are delivered these groceries right to their doorstep!

Vital Deliveries

The students of JCYF have tirelessly partnered with many local businesses and farms in making sure families have access to nutritious, fresh food. Meat, milk, eggs, vegetables, fruit, cheese and other fresh foods have been delivered to at least 30 families in Grants Pass, Rogue River and Wolf Creek.

Additionally, funds for gas cards, laundromats, prescriptions, and special needs will also be provided to those in dire need.


  • The Food Bank
  • Three Rivers School District
  • All Care
  • Dutch Bros.
  • Ford Family Foundation
  • HV Pantry
  • Fort Vannoy Farms

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