Pink Week

Breast Cancer Awareness

Together We Fight!


  • The purpose of Pink Week is to raise awareness throughout Josephine County’s high schools about breast cancer.


  • The concept originated at North Valley High School in 2014 and has grown to include Hidden Valley, Illinois Valley and New Hope. Continued student efforts to raise money and awareness support the fight against breast cancer!

Pink Week has continued to grow, raising awareness and money, throughout the years. Not only has the money helped individuals with their fight against breast cancer, it’s also been given to organizations such as Breast Friends and The Wig Shop. It was important to the students that women battling breast cancer felt confident about themselves and were afforded a wig during chemotherapy even if they could not afford one themselves.

“The most impactful part of Pink Week was hearing one of our own teachers, Mrs. Acosta, tell the school about her experience with breast cancer. It made breast cancer real to me,” said Nikki Dutrow, a North Valley High School JCYF student. The first program JCF donated money to was the Connie Fiske Fund at the Asante Foundation for no-cost mammograms and screening for underserved women.

“I think Pink Week was amazing; it brings breast cancer awareness to the masses, enhances survivors’ strength, it brings one another together, and it helps give understanding to others.”

–Ashley Dean Myers, NV Senior

2015–Our first fundraiser

Over 1,500 students were exposed to the effects of breast cancer and the importance of preventative care.

All schools had dress up days to raise awareness and sold merchandise to raise money.

Money was raised and given to a local community member fighting cancer to help with the costs associated with treatment.

Pink balloons filled the halls at Hidden Valley High School, symbolizing those who are fighting, or fought, breast cancer.

Assemblies were held at Hidden Valley School and New Hope Christian School.

Raising Awareness

  • Recognition of Cancer Warriors;
  • A moment of silence to “Honor those warriors who are no longer with us but continue to inspire”;
  • The release of pink balloons;
  • Organization of dinners and auctions;
  • Cookie grams sold to students and staff;
  • Flourishing Spirit Weeks and events;
  • Competitions, such as Kiss a Pig at New Hope Christian Academy;
  • Pink lemonade drinking contests.

Honoring Lester

Emma Catania, Pink Week project leader at HVHS has made this clear when she stated, “During the week of Pink Week, we made sure to always have someone at hand to be helping out. Whether it was selling t-shirts or getting the word out. We sold shirts, bracelets, backpacks, etc. At the varsity volleyball game, we raised money by passing the bucket and selling pink merchandise. At the football game, we had several kids passing buckets and again selling pink merchandise. Also during halftime, we did a dash for cash and raised over $600. In all, we raised about $6,000 and all proceeds will go to Lester, who was diagnosed in August, 2019.” 

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