Every 15 Minutes

Drinking and Driving

Someone dies from an alcohol-related collision

Not only do the students of JCYF want to support the community, they want to bring new experiences to the classroom by educating youth about the hazards of drinking and driving. This program originates from the 1990’s data highlighting that every 15 minutes someone in the United States dies in an alcohol-related traffic accident.

This two-day program creates a simulation emphasizing the effects of drinking and driving, challenging students to think critically about personal safety and responsible decision-making. Three high schools so far have hosted Every 15 Minutes: Hidden Valley High School, Illinois Valley High School, and Rogue River Junior Senior High School.

YouTube videos created by Illinois Valley High School and Hidden Valley High School, about 15 minutes in length, are made available for the world community to watch and learn.


Simulations are put together using videos depicting teenage drinking and then driving.

In a realistic scene portrayed in the high school field, high school students and parents take on the role of spectators or become a part of the simulation.

Emergency personnel volunteer their time, educating high school students to the dangers of drinking and then driving.


  • Josephine County Sheriff’s Department
  • American Medical Response
  • Illinois Valley Fire Department
  • Rural Metro Fire Department
  • Rogue River Fire Department
  • Various other emergency responders

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