Summer Academy

Ultimate Learning Experience

New skills, New Friends, New Opportunities

What is Summer Academy?

Summer Academy is a summer camp program that teaches students how to learn through the exploration-based learning curriculum, not often found in out-of-school programs.


The Summer Academy experience is focused on a specific topic for learning in each session. Our teachers are experts in their field and the students benefit from this model as our teachers present the lesson and allow students to explore the possibilities to come up with options on how to finish the task. This creates a positive learning environment where students are proud of what they’ve accomplished and can apply what they’ve learned to other tasks later on.


Through the Summer Academy program, we hope to create equity and diverse cultural experiences throughout our community while offering a safe, low cost, camp experience.


Learning through exploration teaches students to use their creativity and curiosity to solve the problems that they encounter. This type of teaching creates high levels of concentration and engagement which boosts problem solving skills and confidence. Students learn through cause and effect.

Learning is promoted when students are solving problems and when their new skills are applied to what they’re working on. Students can then use these new problem solving skills and solutions and apply them in the real world, giving them an advantage as they enter higher grades, college, and the workforce.

Summer Academy will:

  • Teach the use of creativity and curiosity in problem solving
  • Encourage the pursuit of interests
  • Guide students through conflict
  • Practice communication, empathy and compassion
  • Build self-confidence
  • Create problem-solving solutions
  • Model leadership behavior
  • Teach team collaboration
  • Assist in developing a plan/strategy to address a problem/situation

Current Academies 

  • 8 Different LEGO Engineering Camps
  • Bugs & Outdoor
  • Arts & Crafts
  • Video Games in Action
  • Science Camp Invention
  • Full STEAM Ahead
  • Science Credit Recovery

Signing Up

2021 Summer Academy is drawing to a close, so registration is closed. Stay tuned for 2022.

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