JCYF (Youth Foundation)

What is JCYF?

giving students a chance to learn and serve

JCYF is the student-led leadership portion of the Josephine County Foundation. This part of the Josephine County Foundation is all about the high school youth and their contributions to our community. Innovation, integrity, honesty, dedication, compassion, empathy, perseverance, energy, community, collaboration, and youth create the core of JCYF!

Through their fresh ideas, concern over issues facing our neighbors, and mission to make a difference for the betterment of our community, these high school students take on projects that meet these challenges head-on! From their idea, to their proposal, to their design, to their implementation, and to the final outcome, these projects lie in the capable hands of the JCYF students. This part of JCF has helped with the fight against cancer, the fight to save lives, the fight to keep our youth in school, the fight against poverty, and the fight against so much more!


This portion of our foundation is called JCYF (Josephine County YOUTH Foundation). Our youth are at the heart of what we stand for: A student-led non-profit that inspires, engages, and strengthens the community through innovative leadership and service!


Yes, JCF does have its own scholarship program for those who are part of JCYF at any high school in Josephine County.   There are typically three to five scholarships per year usually ranging from $4,000 to $10,000.  Since the inception of scholarships in ten years ago in 2011, there have been 42 scholarship recipients receiving $268,000 in financial assistance.


JCF is funded through fundraising, grants, and donations. The 24 Hour Fun-raiser, Poker Tournament, and Coin Drive all help support community service projects.

Present Projects

Become part of the Josephine County Foundation’s journey in providing partnerships, resources, and funding to the Josephine County community! Opportunities abound in the Vision Clinic, Pink Week, Day of Service, Campus Closets, Weekend Food Making and the annual Coin Drive.


We couldn’t do what we do without our Student Members! Becoming a member of JCYF is rewarding in ways that will forever guide students towards making a positive difference in the lives of others, as well as in their own lives!


Thanks to your services and volunteers, we have donated over $813,708 to many organizations over the last nine years! Schools, Universities, Shelters, Fire Departments, Museums, Clubs – we serve lots of different kinds of organizations that need help. Every year our list gets longer, currently sitting at over 90!


Building relationships is vital to building collaboration, and through that, change! JCYF provides various fun events throughout the year, engaging students in laughter, appreciation, understanding, support, and trust.

Some of our more recent events include Christmas Parties, Summer Camps, Trips to the Bowling Alley, and Touring NYC for Business College Week!

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