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2015 Day of Service

2015 Day of Service


  • The Day of Service was implemented in memory of a former local veterinarian, city councilman, and service oriented man named Dan Fiske.
  • Businesses partner with students at Illinois Valley High School in community service projects on their property. Five to six businesses participate each year.
  • The Day of Service focuses on the importance of serving your community and working with your fellow classmates.

The Dan Fiske Memorial Day of Service was implemented in September of 2014 by Illinois Valley High School student /JCF student officer Skyla Patton, and IVHS teacher, Erica Butler. The Dan Fiske Memorial Day of Service was also planned in partnership with the Josephine County Foundation (JCF), and Illinois Valley High School Leadership class.

This Day of Service was erected in memory of a former local veterinarian, city councilman and service oriented person, Dan Fiske.

“Although he may be gone, he will never stop influencing our community.”
~ Skyla Patton

The Day of Service coordinates activities according to group sizes of students and helps improve not only the local community but the surrounding areas as well. The Day of Service helps strengthen student bonds to each other and the community, while also simultaneously getting students involved with local businesses that they may not otherwise have had direct contact with. The Day of Service improves student morale and leads to beneficial skills/tools in the student’s future. Through this community service experience students are also able to complete their high school community service requirements early.
Skyla Patton has teamed up with her peers for the last two years to help several areas around the community with tasks that helped improve their daily functioning.

The high school students from Illinois valley were not the only students involved with the Day of Service in 2015; students from Lorna Byrne Middle School helped out while staying on campus by writing thank you cards to veterans and cleaning up their campus.

This most recent Day of Service included students participating in: building trails at Forks State Park, clean-up, landscaping and working in the butterfly pavilion at Rusk Ranch Nature Center, painting handrails at Evergreen Elementary, and helping with drainage and gardening at the Cave Junction Library.

JCF has been a sponsor of the Day of Service for the last two years and the Josephine County Foundation will continue to work closely with this project even after student Skyla Patton Graduates this 2016.

“The Josephine County Foundation is a student run foundation with the vision of transforming the standard of living in Josephine County so that this county becomes one of the top counties in Oregon,” said Pendleton. “The Foundation utilizes the creativity of youth to find solutions impacting their community’s future while creating a new generation of community volunteers and philanthropists.”

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