Project C.A.S.H.
Correctly Applied Spending Habits
Project CASH gives those involved a step up in financial strategy and business. These lessons will stick with them for the rest of their lives and help combat the level of debt and poverty in Josephine County. ~Milo Dolantree

Correctly Applied Spending Habits

Project CASH (Correctly Applied Spending Habits) is a two part project that has been tailored to educate elementary students about spending and saving money. The first phase of Project CASH was designed to teach elementary students about the American Enterprise System and the importance of budgeting. The end goal of this project or the “second phase” of this project was to instigate a penny drive for the Josephine County Foundation; specifically providing money to homeless and at-risk teens.

This 2016-2017 school year JCF students went to three different elementary schools in the Three Rivers School District: Manzanita, Fruitdale, and Madrona Elementary schools. JCF students showed up in the eight classrooms for all 5th graders at these schools and taught for 2 weeks with a 3 month break in between. Each day had a different concept that the JCF high school students taught about. The first day was a broad explanation of the American Enterprise System, the second day was about budgeting, the third day focused on nonprofits, the fourth day we scheduled local business owner’s to speak, and the fifth day recapped it all and we introduced the second phase of our project. SAVINGS!

For the second phase of  the project JCF partnered with First Community Credit Union who  donated piggy banks that were distributed to all the 5th graders who participated in this project. The 5th graders were then encouraged to use their banks to collect pennies and then donate it to the Josephine County Foundation for homeless and at risk teens! Phase two is currently under way and the 5th graders are responding well to the concept of budgeting! It has been a real treat for the high school students of JCF to have the opportunity to teach elementary students and feel like they are adding to their educational experience!