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Buddy Bench Project
"My hope is that these Buddy Benches will help build friendships at early ages and allow students to feel supported and confident! This will hopefully lead to more students staying in school and graduating in the future!" ~Kippy Easley

Buddy Bench Project


  • Benches were placed and revealed this January 2017
  • All District 7 elementary schools (Redwood, Lincoln, Highland, Allan Dale, Riverside, and Parkside) received a Buddy bench on their playground
  • Funding for the benches came from JCF grant writing, and community member donations


Last year, county Assessor Connie Roach came up with the idea of implementing Buddy Benches at elementary schools in our county to help increase graduation rates by preventing peer on peer bullying and promoting friend making opportunities. JCF had developed a positive reputation in the community with youth centered projects in the so Cliff Kuhlman (District Board Member) recommended Connie Roach and JCF partner up and implement these benches together!


So, what is a Buddy Bench? A Buddy Bench is a bench where elementary school students can go if they feel lonely, left out, or just want to make friends. When the student sits on the bench other students are encouraged to reach out to the isolated student and invite them to play at recess!  These benches are now located on the playgrounds of all District 7 elementary schools.


The Josephine County Foundation took on this project as an anti-bullying campaign, for they know how important it is to have a core group of supportive friends throughout both primary and secondary schooling. One of the main focuses for JCF is to improve the graduation rates of teens in our county; attacking this issue from the roots by helping to create a steady foundation of friends for elementary school students with the buddy benches is the perfect way to do so.


Buddy Bench Project Donors:

Buddy Bench Project Buddy Bench Project Buddy Bench Project