Get Involved! You can make a difference.
Get Involved

Josephine County Foundation is teaching our students important life-skills. The JCF students are performing community service projects to make Josephine County a better place for all of us. So how can you get involved and be a part of this effort to create a more healthy, well educated and vibrant community?

“What a bright star this organization has been, is and will continue to be in Josephine County. This organization and the students are an example of what can happen when young people realize the needs around them and have the support of their community as they work to address the challenges in our County. These students have been allowed to dream of and will achieve a better community.”
–Keith Heck, County Commissioner

“Through my non-profit, Amigo Vision, I have had the privilege of working with JCF students to conduct a number of free vision clinics to help our community members with poor vision improve their lives by giving them the gift of better eyesight”
-Dr. Kurt Wilkening, optometrist.

Volunteer your time

Time is a valuable commodity, because there are only so many hours in a day and we have to decide how to spend that time. We want to spend our time doing what brings us the most benefit. Being a volunteer enables you to meet people, while doing something positive for your community. There is no greater satisfaction in life than helping others. It does not have to be with JCF, there is an endless list of non-profit agencies needing help: food banks, youth sports programs, scouting leaders, hospital, homeless shelters, libraries, and the list goes on. Many people do not realize that non-profit agencies serving their community could not exist and be successful without volunteers to help deliver the services.

Click here if you would like to volunteer with JCF.

Tell us your ideas
Ideas for community service projects, which are performed by JCF students, come from many sources: student ideas, suggestions from community meetings, articles in newspapers, etc.

Do you have an idea of something which needs to be done to improve our community? Let us know about unmet needs, whether it is a major project or a small one which can be done by students in their Day of Service projects each year.

Do you know all about JCF – its mission, what it does in the community, how it educates our youth? Invite JCF students to speak at your service club, church or organization. You will be amazed to learn all that these students do in our community! Maybe you will have a great idea on something your organization and JCF can partner doing for the benefit of our residents.

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“I have had the privilege of volunteering my time at JCF events and making a financial contribution to their service projects because of the tremendous impact those students are having on the County residents I represent”
– Keith Heck, Josephine County Commissioner

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Contribute your financial support
JCF students must raise funds through fundraising projects and grant writing to have the resources to conduct their community service projects. There are several ways in which you can contribute to assist to support JCF.

  • Send a financial gift to JCF at P.O. Box 673, Murphy, OR 97533 or donate online on this website.
  • Attend a future fundraising event, such as a golf tournament or the students’ 24 hour fundraiser. Events are publicized, so just look for them – or join our mailing list and get automatic notification. Click here to sign up for our newsletter. Why not organize a fundraising event doing your favorite activity with your friends and neighbors? JCF students would love to come and participate
  • Help our homeless or poorer students with clothing suitable for high school students, toiletries, school supplies, sleeping bags, new socks and underwear, and dresses and suits for prom and job interviews.
  • Help fund the college education of a JCF student by opening your own scholarship with JCF or participating in an existing scholarship to help our youth get the needed education to succeed.

Make Your Business a Success – Hire a JCF Student
There are no better students in high school or after they graduate who have the skills, knowledge and work ethic to help your business than those who have served in JCF. There are many ways you and your business can help students while improving your business.

  • Hire a summer intern
  • Provide part-time job opportunities during the school year
  • Offer full time employment to JCF graduates, particularly college graduates as they often leave the area for their education, but want to bring their new skills back home
  • Set aside time to have JCF students individually or in small groups come to your business in a job shadowing experience to learn what your business does and what it takes to operate your business successfully
  • Hire students to help with special events – setting up, parking cars, acting as greeters or registering your guests

“The students were fabulous helping us with our event – from set up to take down. The kids were so self-initiating – they knew what needed to be done and did it perfectly. We want our event on the JCF students’ calendar for next year!”
– Hyla Lipson, Executive Director, Grants Pass Museum of Art

  • Sponsor a scholarship which relates to your business or field of endeavor, such as for marketing or accounting students. Consider establishing a program of financial assistance for your current employees who want to further their education, which will enhance their skills at work.

“Both of my daughters were involved in JCF and it is amazing to see what their involvement did to improve their confidence, knowledge of their community and the opportunity to meet so many local leaders”
– Chad Hansen, JCF parent

Parents – give your child the opportunity to learn life skills – set them up for success
As parents, we strive to guide our children into activities which will help them be successful. You should seriously consider having your child, whether at high school or middle school, get involved with JCF and have them learn life skills such as public speaking and community service. Please look at the Student Benefit section of this website to see all the advantages a student receives from being involved with JCF.

Parents who have JCF students can see them develop and flourish, but you must be willing to help them succeed in JCF by enabling them to attend meetings and events. This means time away from the family and might include driving them to events if they are not yet driving on their own. You will need to be involved and support your child build his/her future.