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What does JCF do?
JCF educates middle and high school students about business and the role of non-profits. This non-profit knowledge is utilized in operating a non-profit business, performing community service projects and fundraising to support the performance of those projects. This is all with the goal of strengthening the economic and social wellbeing of Josephine County.

What is JCF’s Mission and Vision?

  1. Mission Statement: A student-led non-profit that inspires, engages, and strengthens the community through innovative leadership and service.
  2. Vision: To transform Josephine County into a vibrant community in which every individual has the opportunity to be healthy, educated, and prosperous.

What are JCF’s Goals?

Short term: Teach students about community service and philanthropy while creating a vibrant and healthy community with a higher standard of living.

Long Term:

  1. Make Josephine County the top county in the state economically, socially, and communally.
  2. To make a difference in student lives by:
    1. Creating a new generation of life long philanthropists and business leaders
    2. Exposing students to job opportunities
    3. Increasing job rates
    4. Providing a solid foundation of service and philanthropy

Exporting JCF to other counties

What is a nonprofit foundation?

A nonprofit foundation is a business that receives tax deductible donations from individuals and businesses or grants from other non-profit foundations for the purpose of supporting charitable work either through performing the function themselves or providing grants to other non-profits which performs the charitable work.  Nonprofit organizations usually provide services not performed by for-profit businesses or governmental agencies.

What role do the students play in JCF? (How are the students involved?)

The students of JCF serve as the vital Officer team and lead in the creation and implementation processes of JCF projects to help better the community while honing and developing the students’ work ethic and leadership skills.

What does JCF teach students?

  • How nonprofit businesses work and impact their community
  • Leadership and vocational skills
  • How they can benefit their community
  • Project management skills
  • Fundraising and grant writing

I’m a current high school student, how can I get involved in JCF?

How do you come up with the ideas for your projects?

  • Students develop projects based on the needs they see in the Josephine County
  • In the past we have held a community convening to obtain input and ideas from active community members and business professionals with a passion for serving our community. By holding this event bi-annually we keep the community active in the idea process of JCF projects and events.
  • Community members approach us with project ideas that we can set into motion

When was JCF founded?

In 2011, JCF was founded by high school students Jacob Pendleton and Cedar Wilkening along with business professionals Frank Ault, Dale Fisher, Joan Jones, and Chris Pendleton.

Will my contributions to JCF be tax deductible?

How can I support or partner with JCF?

What is the difference/relationship between JCF and FBLA?
JCF involves students from all County high schools to learn about non-profits, leadership, and performing community service projects. Many of the JCF students also participate in FBLA, an international business education program, at their individual high school. Where appropriate, FBLA students can elect to utilize their JCF community service project as their FBLA project in state and national competitions.

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