Hannah Bennett

Meet Our Student Officer

We love our officers!

Student Officer / Student Board Member: Hannah BAs of Aug ’21

Age: 17
Grade: 12th
Current School: Hidden Valley High School
GPA: 3.89

Favorite Subject: Science
Best JCF Moment: Working on Project Design on a Dime
Best High School Moment: FBLA Nationals
Most Embarrassing High School Moment: Public speaking in my FBLA class Freshman year as I was given the topic of apricots and had to talk about them for two minutes
Other Activities Involved In: Basketball, Volleyball, FBLA, Sparrow Club
Future College: Boise State University
Future Plans: Go to school to be a physical therapist/ sports medicine

Year Born: 2004
Town Born In: Medford, Oregon
Favorite Foods: Steak, Sushi, Broccolini, Pineapple, Papaya, Ice Cream and Chocolate Chip Cookies
Favorite TV show: Greys Anatomy
Favorite Music: Country
Favorite Movies: Marvel Movies

Someone should invest into JCF because it gives students the ability to help others and to learn useful skills along the way. They also need to invest into the officer as they are the ones who will be leading them while doing these projects.