Elle Jones

Meet Our Student Officer

We love our officers!

Student Officer: Elle JonesAs of Aug ’21

Age: 15
Grade: 10
Current School: North Valley
GPA: 3.7

Favorite Subject: Math or History
Best JCF Moment: Helping out with Student Enrichment Grants
Best High School Moment: Getting almost straight A’s
Most Embarrassing High School Moment: Running into a pole in front of a bunch of people.
Other Activities Involved In: Project Youth+
Future College: Undecided
Future Plans: Going into the air force at 18, or community college for 2 years then the air force to become an anesthesiologist

Year Born: 2006
Town Born In: Grants Pass
Favorite Foods: Sushi, pancakes
Favorite TV show: Anything with Jared Padalecki
Favorite Music: Anything by MAGIC!
Favorite Movies: The map of tiny perfect things, labyrinth, coco, all the lord of the rings, star wars, marvel, the hobbit, and twilight movies

JCF is important because we work hard to help the community, and the people. It teaches students to use their voice and do what they think is right.