Why Join JCF – Student Benefits
Student Benefits

Learning Skills for Your Success

“JCF has given me the opportunity to grow and learn as a leader and has taught me business skills that will help me throughout the rest of my life.” ~ Sylvia Marr, JCF Student




Here are the top reasons students join JCF. Ask yourself these questions, JCF can help you find answers:

Help others and being involved with the Community
Do you have a passion for helping others?

“There is something about helping other people that makes the human life purposeful and fulfilling. The age of nonprofits is upon us and the world is in need of people with your drive and passion. At JCF we teach the fundamentals of service and the back bones of running a nonprofit.” ~ MaryAnn Ellis, JCF graduate.

Students involved with JCF have a passion for helping others and a desire to get involved with their community and make a difference. As a teenager, you are creative and have energetic minds which produce solutions to make your community, and those in, the best that it can be.

Your perspective on economic and social issues in your community is unique and valuable. We want your ideas to be expanded and your voice to be heard! JCF not only encourages your plans for a more vibrant community, but we teach you how to accomplish your ideas in lasting and impactful ways.

How does JCF do this?

  • First, you meet with community leaders and listen to what they say are community needs, and you also talk to and get ideas from your fellow students.
  • Next you develop plans on what can be done to address the identified community needs.
  • Then fundraising is needed, so you can afford to do your project.
  • Once funds are available, you develop a detailed Project Management Plan to insure all steps are scoped into the plan.
  • Lastly, you actually execute the plan and see the project through to completion. It is only then, that you have the satisfaction of seeing first-hand the benefits your project did for the community.

“I really enjoyed working with students from other schools. It was fun to meet people from all around the community. It helped give me a better understanding of the community as a whole.” ~ Kaelan Fisher, JCF Student

Gain Real Business Experience
Do you want to run your own business?

“JCF has taught me to think on a whole new level and it takes to operate a business; although I have just begun my journey with this organization, I know that they have so much to offer.” ~ Milo Dolantree, JCF Treasurer

Make the dream of being a Corporate President Real

  • You will get hands-on training in operating an actual business, JCF – a non-profit organization, with guidance from your very own community leaders and business owners.
  • You will serve as the corporate officers (yes, you can be the President of a real business), with Board meetings, legal filings, tax returns, and all other elements of running a business, from strategic planning to daily activities.
  • You will make connections in the community and business world: meeting and interacting with community leaders; making funding proposals to business leaders; doing press releases; civic presentations to service clubs and County Commissioners; and the opportunity to be on radio and television shows.

Reasons to Get Involved with Business

There is a high demand for business majors, from marketing to finance, and a huge number of career opportunities for those who have a solid business education. Every organization needs business skills to design, organize, and develop a well-run business. In fact, there are many companies that solely recruit business graduates to staff their corporations.

Want to run your own business? Many business majors have the dream of one day running their own organization. No bosses to answer to just the ability to direct all of your business plans exactly the way you envision them. At JCF, we train you to be on the fast track to accomplishing those dreams.

“I’d say that the most important thing I’ve learned about running a business is being prepared. Without countless hours of planning and developing solutions to problems that may arise, the projects we do can be successful. By always being prepared for anything I can better know what it is like to run a business and know how to solve problems quickly and effectively.” ~ Sylvia Marr, JCF Student

Develop leadership skills
What does it take to be a good leader?

“JCF has given me the opportunity to grow and learn as a leader and has taught me business skills that will help me throughout the rest of my life.” ~ Sylvia Marr, JCF President

Though there are many styles of leadership, certain elements are common in all styles.

  • Foremost among those elements is the skill of communication in the form of public speaking, written reports and oral presentations.
  • Leadership requires good organizational skills, the development of plans and the communication of the plans.
  • However, leadership is not just going it alone giving orders, but it is leading a team by listening to others, getting ideas and assessing all aspects of a situation and forming a consensus to create a win-win solution, A leader removes roadblocks to enable the team reach its goal. A leader lets the light shine on others as it will reflect well on him/her.

One of the first things you learn in JCF is public speaking. You will make presentations to business leaders, service clubs, and potential donors. While doing public speaking, you will achieve one of the most important things in life, CONFIDENCE. This confidence comes not only from public speaking, but from running a business, using creativity to solve problems, being part of a team, learning about patience and determination, experience through service, and how openness, honesty and good values lead to others having trust in your leadership. Bottom line, you will build important life skills in JCF.

“I learned that it is a great feeling to give back to the community. It sure does help the people of the community and helps us also. It’s a very good feeling to help others. I had the Chaney Family Foundation come and interview me and a few other girls about JCF and the kind of projects we do and it was really great to be able to talk to them and they were really surprised about all that we have done.” ~ Ashley Pearson, JCF Student

Enhance their their college application and resume
Get great experience!

“I thought my grades were all that mattered for getting into college and later a job. I learned that colleges and employers want well-rounded students involved in extra-curricular activities and in their community” ~ Melody Lindorf, JCF Executive Vice President

Whether applying to a college, summer job or a full-time career position, those making the decision to accept you or one of many other well qualified candidates comes down to not just your grade point average or degree. All decision makers look for other elements, because they want to know who you are; how well you work with others; how well rounded are you by being involved in school or community activities; what is your work experience; and how much do you volunteer your time.

JCF is unique because it help develop your speaking skills, if you are having an interview; it teaches you about business; it enables you perform community service work; it develops your leadership skills; it strengthens your work experience and job qualifications. Most importantly it leaves one person with an image of an individual who is hard working, focused, and dedicated to improving themselves and their community. Just what college admission officers and employers are looking for.

Exposure to career paths
Interested in meeting some interesting people?

“Being involved in a vision clinic, seeing that I could actually dilate somebody’s eyes and to see patients walk away after the clinic with the ability to see clearly with new eye glasses, has led me to pursue a career as an optometrist’s assistant” ~ Jessica Montrezza JCF alumni.

JCF wants to help you discover your skill sets and interests just as much as you do, so we introduce you to a variety of careers through enabling you to put on your own community service projects. You have the opportunity to work side by side with an array of experts in specialty career fields. For example, JCF partners with optometrist’s at JCF Visions Clinics, firefighters on JCF Fire Needs Program, and foundation decision makers with JCF Grant proposals. JCF projects are constantly evolving and new ideas are always in motion so the opportunities to learn about different careers are continuously available.

Maybe you are more interested in the financial side or project planning aspect of Community Service? Great! JCF also focuses on teaching students about grant writing and fund raising as well as the process of developing professional project proposals. We also greatly encourage students to attend the JCF board meetings, so they can fully understand all facets of a nonprofit and the professional conduct of its members. Learning about businesses, including non-profits; meeting with community and business leaders; and developing vocational skills all expose JCF students to potential career paths and can even help you get your foot in the door.

Interested in scholarship opportunities?

“I am the first in my family to graduate from high school and also go to college, this is only possible because of my JCF scholarship and the partnership with College Dreams that enabled me to triple the value of that JCF scholarship”, Bethany Rice, JCF graduate.

Sometimes the greatest challenge in college is not the academics, but the finances. There is nothing worse than having successfully completed your studies in college with a degree in your field of interest, only to have your life burdened by a mountain of debt. One key to a successful post-high school education, whether it be at a community college, trade school or a four-year university is to have a strong financial plan for that education. One element of that plan should be financial aid in the form of scholarships.

  • JCF offers a minimum of $10,000 annually in scholarships to JCF seniors from all Josephine County High Schools.
  • JCF also administers a separate scholarship for eligible FBLA seniors at Hidden Valley High School.
  • In addition, JCF is seeking additional funding to increase scholarships for JCF seniors.
  • While all JCF seniors are eligible, those with the greatest level of involvement, leadership responsibilities and need are most likely to be awarded a scholarship.

Watch the video to see what other students say about JCF and learn more about the projects.

Why Join JCF?

“Tests can be boring. Service is engaging. Get involved with something that allows you to
think outside of the box and stretches the definition of education.”
~ Skyla Patton, JCF Co-President

There is a looming question that hangs in the mind of every teenager is ”What will you do after graduation?” Will you go to college? If so, what will you major in? What career will you pursue? Teachers, mentors, and family members are always trying to spark your interest in different trades and skill sets to help you succeed in the future.

Our desire at JCF is the same, we want to inspire and encourage young minds so that you can confidently become
the leaders of “your generation.” We equip you with skills and training that help you to confidently seek out a prosperous education and career. The students that are a part of JCF learn how important it is to be involved in the community and the value of serving others. You will work with fellow students to run a non-profit business and gain great skills that will stay with you for the rest of your life. You will be equipped with service and vocational skills that will allow you to better contribute to the community in business world as a family member and as a community leader.

There are many extra circular activities that you can be a part of in high school and finding the right one that fits you can be challenging, so we at JCF want to help you! Here is some information about JCF and what it means to be a part of this inspiring and life changing foundation.

“Be the change you wish to see in yourself”
~ Kali Henderson, JCF student