Developing And Nurturing Leadership At Every Level

leading students into their future

We are teaching well-balanced youth who are focused on positive change in their communities. They are learning leadership skills, kindness, compassion, public speaking, and philanthropy. These students are our future and it’s in great hands!

Elementary School

When looking at elementary school, all grade-levels are taking on the challenge of a student leadership program through an anti-bullying focus. Through the mentorship of the JCYF high school students, these students will lead the fight to put a stop to bullying!

Middle School

When looking at the middle school level, students participate in a leadership class that focuses on teamwork, community service, etiquette, and leadership characteristics, just to name a few. These leadership skills prepare them for the rigors of high school leadership.

High School

When looking at the high school level, JCYF students continue their leadership journey through participating throughout the school year in all aspects of JCYF, continuously building leadership skills and community reach!

Students start off the year with a Summer Leadership Camp, preparing them for their responsibilities. Projects are worked on all year long, as well as necessary fundraising to keep the programs running.  JCYF students gain experience, friendships, and an inner gratification as they become a leader in their community.

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