Graduation Assistance Program

Helping Kids to Graduation and Beyond

Project GAP (Graduation Assistance Program) is a mentorship program tailored to enable students to successfully complete high school and plan for a successful future after high school. Project GAP’s main objectives are to provide encouragement, advocacy, goal setting and problem-solving skills that will establish the student in a positive pattern of living for their present and future!

When I asked how it’s going with Joe he said, “It’s really good to be able to talk with someone about my home life and the problems with my mom’s boyfriend because I am able to get it off my chest and focus on the positive things.”—GAP Student

Project GAP Mentors help students in many ways!

  • Provide support to local youth
  • Build relationships/support through meeting with a student once a week or twice a month
  • Commit to a student for a full school year or more
  • Help increase graduation rates

Becoming a GAP mentor is not the only way to help our youth graduate. Donations that go towards buying gear and supplies for internships, educational camps, furthering their schooling after high school, and so much more is also a great way to become involved in this program!

“The GAP mentoring program is a valuable resource for both students and mentors. It’s an opportunity to pour into the lives of young adults. To instill belief in young people that they are capable and valuable gives them a head start in life and helps them overcome obstacles.” —Mandy Smith

How GAP Mentors Help

Project GAP also helps provide students with guidance towards vital life skills!

  • Gear and supplies for internships
  • Education camps
  • Furthering schooling after high school
  • And so much more

What GAP Students Say

From Student: “I have a friend that I think would benefit from a mentor. Can I bring her in to talk with you about that? I want her to be able to talk to someone like I can talk to Tera

From Student: “Having Nikki as a mentor is like having a mom who cares and wants me to do well in school. I am getting organized and learning how to talk to my teachers on how to get my grades up.

Become A GAP Mentor

Project GAP Mentors:

  • Support local youth
  • Meet with a student once a week or twice a month
  • Commit to a student for a full school year or more
  • Positively impact their local community
  • Receive training and support from project GAP staff
  • Help increase graduation rates

What Our GAP Mentors Say

I was initially asked by a friend to come in and see what it was all about. As soon as I came into the room I was smitten with the vibe and of course, when one of my favorite kiddos was waiting for a mentor match, I was all in. Getting to know my GAP kid and what his needs were, I was like how many more kids are in the same situation? At that moment I was like give me more. Putting my mom, teacher, friend hat on I signed on for 3 additional students. It didn’t start out as a personal calling, but it has become a project of the heart, and it makes me happy to know that I have a positive influence in these kids’ life where they may not otherwise.

During quarantine, I have made it a habit to get on and text each of my kiddos to find out how they are doing, and what they are up to. They always seem to surprise me on how happy and resilient they have been through all of this. I even had one of my students offer up toilet paper if I need saying “we have a ton”. I care deeply for each of my GAP kids and I feel the love from them and at the end of the day isn’t it what it’s all about building positive relationships with kids that just need a little extra.

Nikki Elmore

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