Our Community Contributions

Over $1 Million Donated

Being a big difference maker in our community

Our financial contributions have supported and contributed to help make our county a more vibrant community. The Josephine County Foundation has been involved in major and small projects all over our county from Wolf Creek to Williams to Cave Junction. Our ultimate goal is transform our county into greatness and so far we have contributed  over $1.3 million. 

Our major projects have included: Project Safe, Scholarships, Project GAP, Student Enrichment, Campus Closets, feeding our community, Pink Week, Vision Clinics, and school and community support.

Project S.A.F.E.

Helping our local fire departments has been a major source of our community funds. Starting in 2014, we have so far donated $596,651 to over a dozen fire departments in Josephine and Jackson County. The students and the Josephine County Foundation will continue to contribute financially to fire departments that serve all the citizens of our counties.


The vision of JCF is “To transform Josephine County into a vibrant community in which every individual has the opportunity to be healthy, educated, and prosperous.” Education is the key to individual success and for a community’s economic viability. Employers need educated employees and an educated community attracts higher-skilled and better-paying jobs. We have donated  $282,822 to help students reach their college and future career dreams.

project gap

Project GAP (Graduation Assistance Program) is a mentorship program tailored to enable students to successfully complete high school and plan for a successful future after high school. Project GAP’s main objectives are to provide encouragement, advocacy, goal setting and problem-solving skills that will establish the student in a positive pattern of living for their present and future! We have so far we have donated $190,552 to this program.

Student enrichment

The idea is to give teachers the opportunity to apply for funds that they see their students would benefit from and give a special opportunity to the teachers to get out of the traditional ways of learning in their classrooms. For seven years, the Josephine County Foundation has invested $141,351 since the start of the program in 2014. The first year had a total of $11,000 and over the past five alone, JCF has handed out a minimum of $20,000 per year. A total of 129 teacher grants have been awarded.

campus closets

Almost 30% of children in Josephine County live below the poverty line, one of the key factors leading to lower graduation rates in the county’s rural high schools (compared to the Oregon state average). With the goal of increasing graduation rates and providing basic health and other services to those living in poverty, JCYF students created Campus Closets. These small boutiques provide students with clothing, shoes, school supplies, personal hygiene items, and so much more! Students are even provided access to washing machines and dryers. This project was created on the idea of why students dropout of school. We have donated $52,469 to this cause.

foods program

Poverty and COVID-19 have left people needing basic necessities – one of these necessities being food. To top this off, almost 1,000 students in Josephine County are homeless and another 60% live in low-income families already struggling to make ends meet. With jobs shutting down, putting food on the table and purchasing the basic necessities is nearly impossible as many of these families live paycheck to paycheck. The Josephine County Foundation has stepped up to serve up to 70 families a week with much need necessities. Our donations has reached over $34,000 to help those in need.

Community & School Support

The Josephine County Foundation has supported many minor projects and school events. These projects, while under $5,000 each, they are just as valuable as our major projects. We have contributed nearly $55,000 to projects like Backpack, C.A.S.H., H.A.L.T., Buddy Benches and more. We continue to make our community better one project at a time.

Pink Week

The purpose of Pink Week is to raise awareness throughout Josephine County’s high schools about breast cancer. The concept originated at North Valley High School in 2014 and has grown to include Hidden Valley, Illinois Valley and New Hope. Continued student efforts to raise money and awareness support the fight against breast cancer! With our support, the Josephine County Foundation has helped many individuals and organizations fight cancer. Ou total is nearly $9,000 in support.

Vision Clinics

In 2012, the students of JCYF had a “clear vision” of how they could meet the needs of those unable to afford vision care in their community – provide a free annual Vision Clinic! As a result, about 150 patients each year receive a free eye exam and new eyeglasses. The far-reaching benefits can be seen in the faces, stories, and words of the community. Nine years later and $27,000, we have made vision a reality for many residents in our counties.

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