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Without the past, there is no future

Our Scholarships

The youth are our future. A future that, through our youths’ experiences, creativity, innovation, dedication, and service, is filled with opportunities, optimism and the selfless drive to make a difference! Our Alumni are the epitome of this future. Through their work at JCF, their passion for service, and their positive leadership, these adults go out into the world making a difference in the communities they choose to live in. As our alumni begin their work, a ripple effect takes places, touching the lives of those they haven’t had the pleasure to meet. We are all graced by their presence and their growth!

Photos (left to right):  Former JCF President Kali Henderson and recent Oregon State graduate. She graduated with a degree in accounting. (2) Melody Lindorf attended Oregon State and was a business leader for JCF and state officer for FBLA. (3) David Moore attends Oregon State with a major in the the business field. He is currently in Portland working in an internship program. (4) Sylvia Marr attends Willamette University and is working towards her Political Science degree. Marr was a former JCF President.

An asterisk (*) means they received a JCF scholarship.

2021 JCF Alumni

Austin Verner

Bree Saunders

Donald Rogers

Marly Marcoulier

Ryan Wilson

2020 JCF Alumni

Hailee Campbell

Jasmine Williams

Katelyn Rodriguez

Kathryn Rich

Keely Marchand

Payden Tavelli

2019 JCF Alumni

Aria Back

Averie Richter

Bri Stark

Claire Wood

Joshua Saunders

Liam Hodge

Madison O’Brien

Sayge Periera

Wyatt Arnsdorf

2018 JCF Alumni

Abby Jolly

Abby will be majoring in Business

Alec Kalevicoglu

Alec is majoring in psychology for his pre-med degree.

Carrinton Powell

Cheyanne Dodge

Cheyanne is beginning her prerequisite courses at RCC this fall and then planning to move to Eugene

Chris Pearson

Chris will be majoring in marketing

David Moore*

David has chosen to major in business at OSU.

Devin Pine*

Devin Pine plans to start at Lane CC and then transfer to University of Oregon where he will be an education major with a minor in history.

Gabi Luna

Gabi is serving our country in the Army National Guard while attending college.

Garret Marcoulier

Garret is heading to the Big Apple to major in business

Jasmine Pinkerton

Jasmine will be majoring in education and English

Joel Crawford

Joel is studying film in La Mirada, California

Josie Notter

Josie will be study government and economics in SPU’s business college.

Julie Jarvis

Julie will be majoring in English.

Katie Bergor

Katie will be studying pre-med and playing volleyball

Katie McKinney

Katie will pursuing her passion of photography.

Kaya Doolaege*

Kippy Easley

Kippy is pursuing a nail technician licence.

Lonnie Dillard

Lonnie is majoring in Business

Milo Dolantree*

Milo will be in NYC majoring in business, keep an eye out for his name on wall street

Molly Carino

Molly will be studying health administration in Pensacola, Florida.

Shaley Petropoulos

Shaley plans on becoming an EMT

Taylor Hammers

Taylor is pursuing an English education major with a minor in music performance.

2017 JCF Alumni

Ashley Pearson

Forensic science major at Oregon State University,

Austin Yunker

Studying film.

Colton Ridge

Jeydawn Coats

Studying criminal justice at Western Oregon University.

Kali Henderson *

Studying accounting and is on the equestrian team at Oregon State University.

Katherine Haley *

Nursing major and a cheerleader at Linfield College.

Kayley O’Day

Studying Pre-Pharmacy.

Makenzie Noga

Makenzie is dual enrolled in LBCC and OSU and plans to become a health teacher.

Seth Kitchens

Sylvia Marr *

Political science major at Willamette University.

2016 JCF Alumni

Kaelan Fisher

Skyla Patton*

Majoring in Journalism and Political Science.

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