ABC Youth Service America AWARD

JCF’s Vision Clinic Receives National Recognition – “Youth Changing the World”

ABC Youth Service America (YSA) and Disney Friends for Change annually sponsor the national summer of service awards. Individuals and/or their organizations can apply for recognition for the service they provide to their community. ABC YSA awards numerous $1,000 grants and they donate $5,000 to only the top 5 projects in the nation. JCF applied for the award in 2013 for its free vision clinic project entitled “Josephine County’s Ticket to a Clear Vision”.

JCF and this project were selected as one of the top level of projects in the Nation, winning $5,000. Rilynn Hansen, the JCF student who was nominated by JCF to submit this project in her name said, “I am so proud to accept this national recognition on behalf of all JCF students for the great work we are doing in our County to make a difference. We will use this $5,000 for additional free vision clinics to help improve the eyesight of our residents.”