2021 JCF Provides Needed Equipment to Jacksonville Fire Station

What is now Jacksonville’s fire station was built in the 1950s on the site of an old Chinese building. It served as the City Administrative Offices for 40 years until the offices moved to another location two blocks away.


The Josephine County Fire Foundation is a student-led foundation whose main mission is to strengthen the community through innovative and leadership services. The students use their energy and creativity to improve social and economic wellbeing in their communities. In its ten-year history, it has performed 1.5 million hours in projects impacting Jackson and Josephine Counties.

Josephine County Foundation has assisted 15 fire departments and provided over $600,000 of medical and firefighting equipment to better serve our residents and to keep our firefighters safe. With the long overdue to remodeling of Jacksonville’s seventy-year-old fire station, JCF is committed to assisting this effort by purchasing a Turnout extractor which was not available within the remodeling budget. This piece of equipment will allow our firefighters to do a deep cleaning of their firefighting gear to rid them of cancer-causing material. Fire Chief Wayne Painter says, “This piece of equipment will allow us to do all the maintenance and cleaning in-house and not have to be sent out to be maintained and cleaned.”

The JCF works with residents businesses and service clubs in these efforts through Project SAFE (Students Acquiring Firefighter Equipment) matching grant program, where the first $100,000 raised each year is matched dollar-for dollar to support local fire departments.

Donations can be sent to Josephine County Foundation, P.O. Box 673 Murphy, Oregon 97533 and mention this is for Jacksonville Fire.

Jacksonville Fire would like to thank Frank Ault who is the JCF Board Chairman and has over 60 years of experience with fire service and non-profits. His experience has ranged from volunteer firefighter to Fire Chief to Chairman of many boards. With the support of JCF, Jacksonville Fire will now have the financial resources to purchase the extractor. Jacksonville thanks everyone for supporting our community as well as looking out for the safety of our firefighters.