’20 – ’21 School Year 3rd Quarter SotM


3rd Quarter Student of the Month ~ Bree

The 3rd Quarter JCF Student of the Month is Bree Saunders! Bree is a senior at Hidden Valley High School and JCF Board Member.

Bree served as the Executive Vice President for JCF this past year. She followed her brother, Josh Saunders, as an officer. Leading the way this past year, Bree was the public speaker at many events, including the multiple TV interviews for Project SAFE.

She proved her JCF worth by working at a ton of events over the last few years.

Her list includes: Rogue Winterfest (10 hours), Kids Care Fair (10 hours), JCF Annual Vision Clinic (16 hours), JCF Poker Tournament (4 hours), Project Giveback (1 hour), Balloon Fest (4 hours), Porchfest (5 hours), Turkey Trot (3 hours), Run for the Law (3 hours), Five Evacuation Help (4 fours), Fruitdale Science Lego booth (2 hours), Kids Dash (2 hours), Back to the 50’s Car Show (7 hours), Dance with the Grant Pass Stars (3 hours), Chamber of Commerce Banquet (4 hours), Girls Rock (4 hours), LEGO Summer Camp (40 hours), JCF Weekend Food Program (4 hours), Wild River Christmas Movie (2 hours), Bunk Bed Build (8 hours), Campus Closet Organization Day (2 hours), Greeter Meetings (2 hours), GAP Program, Teacher Breakfast (4 hours), and Boatnik Security (12 hours). She also has many hours outside of JCF as well.

Bree will be dual enrolled at Oregon State and Rogue Community this upcoming year. She will spend her first year in college as an undecided major but is looking to find something along the lines of journalism.

Bree was a JCF Scholarship winner this year while also earning a few other scholarships.

“My greatest accomplishment in JCF was getting $6,000 from the Frank Ault Scholarship (or JCF Scholarship),” said Saunders. “It was one of the most exciting moments of my life knowing that the board members of JCF really believed in me.”

Her advice to others: “Never give up on the things you most believe in. If you work hard and keep moving towards your goals, you can accomplish whatever you set your mind to. Oh, and don’t forget to smile.”