When: Thu, November 22, 2018 from 6:45 am – 10:30 am Where: YMCA, 1000 Redwood Ave, Grants Pass Contact: Lany Sullivan Contact Email: lsullivan@jcfserves.org Contact Phone: (541) 244-8276 Open Volunteer Spots: Closed
The Turkey Trot is on Thanksgiving morning, November 22nd.
We will need 12 course volunteers to be at the Y by 6:45 for donuts, bagels, hot chocolate and coffee.  Their job will be to stand out on the two courses  and direct people correctly. We will have a meeting with the Glenda our Course Volunteer Director, about the race course, at 7am to explain about spots they will be placed at and the direction they will direct runners out on the course.  Some of the volunteers will have directional signs to hold and some will have directional signs on the ground next to them.  Then we will head out on the course and make sure everyone is in place and knows what direction that participants need to go on both the 2 mile and the 5K.  Also, they will encourage and cheer folks on.
Volunteers should bring water and/or a thermos of a warm beverage.  They need to dress warmly with rain gear and or umbrella expecting rain.  We ask that they do not use there cell phones once the race starts  at 8:30am (last year some volunteers were busy texting on their phones they were not directing runners and chaos happened, no this wasn’t your group) and they will stay until the last runner is through.  After that we aske them to help tear down and clean up back at the Y.  It usually takes 45 minutes to 1 hour.  We are usually done between 10 with the last folks leaving at 10:30 at the very latest.
I could also need 2 or 3 volunteers that can help with the food prep and distribution.  This is straight forward.  They clean and cut up the food and set out water and maintain table.  Then I will use one to man the table.  The other will help with the Family Prizes.  The third will help with any odds and ends.
It would be great to have one who can help with the t-shirt and swag bags.  They will help pass out t-shirts and swag bags.
If you have another I would love to have someone take some candid pictures.  (We have the camera)
If you can help us that would be great!  Evergreen Bank has given us a $500 donation that we can pass on to your group!
Our biggest concern is that they are not going to misguide runners on the course.  It’s pretty straight forward but if they are distracted in can become a problem.  Those are the critical volunteer spots that we need filled.

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