JCF Student of the Month
Student of the Month


Aria Back is the foundations new student president! This will be her fourth year is JCF and she is so excited for what is going to be accomplished this year. While she is very passionate about volunteering as a whole, the projects that have had the biggest impact on her were Every 15 Minutes, Project CASH, and Student Enrichment project. Aria is a big fan of grant writing and is thankful for the education she has gotten about it through JCF. Also with the help of JCF she will be attending a business leadership program at Mercy College in New York this summer. JCF has been such a big part of her high school experience she will be sad to graduate and leave, but she promises to make the most of her last year in the foundation. After graduating from Hidden Valley she will be off to college, but she hopes to continue giving in some way to the community that gave her so much.  The education this foundation has given her is immeasurable and she will continue to grow with every new project and task. Keep a look out for Aria at our events and in the news! She will be helping lead the foundation in some amazing community service projects.

“JCF means a lot of things to me. I believe it to be an organization that serves the people, the community, and us. It is a fantastic organization that really benefits everybody. I love being a part of it and it has really shown me so much about serving the community.” ~ Ashley Pearson, JCF Student.

“What a bright star this organization has been, is, and will continue to be in Josephine County. They are simply an example of what can happen when young people realize needs around them and there is support for them as they try to address solutions. You have allowed these students to dream of and achieve a better community.” ~ Keith Heck, Josephine County Commissioner