"To be honest, I did not know what to expect going into this whole thing. Perhaps I didn't have any expectations at all, but after learning and experiencing the things I have these past 10 days, it goes to show you never know what to expect. Sometimes the most unexpected things turn out to be the most rewarding. Throughout this week, Mercy College lived by the notion and that “Great moments come from great opportunity”. I can say for myself that I seized the moment in this once in a lifetime opportunity, and grew from it in a way that will affect the rest of my life. Frank, thank you for this opportunity. I won't forget it." ~Daniel Bolduc, Mercy's Leadership Academy Attendee

Mercy College’s Leadership Academy

Nine JCF students traveled to New York City July 19-29, 2017. The students were traveling to do some sight-seeing, learn about New York’s history and to attend Mercy College’s Leadership Academy.

The Leadership Academy is a week-long and is produced by Mercy College’s School of Business. The academy offers high school students to learn from successful business leaders. Students from around the county come to Mercy College, for this event, to build public speaking skills, network, learn financial skills, visit Fortune 500 Companies, and share their passion for business with other students.

This year, 51 high school students from all over the nation came to the Leadership Academy. During the week, students attended multiple sessions, including:

  • Ten Commandments of Public Speaking
  • Career Mindset
  • Emotional Intelligence Session
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Advertising and Branding
  • Personal Finance and Careers in Finance
  • Shark Tank Presentations
  • Elevator Speech Performing
  • Meeting Mercy College Alumni
  • Tour of the LinkedIn Headquarters
  • College Q&A

Following the sessions included a graduation ceremony for those students who completed the Leadership Academy. The students feel as they have learned a great deal from this experience and feel more motivated to take action and accomplish the unachievable.