2017 Pink Week
2017 Pink Week
The success of Pink Week led me to the realization that IVHS truly cares about situations bigger than themselves. ~Taylor Hammers IVHS Pink Week Student Lead

2017 Pink Week

This year Pink Week was implemented at three schools, Illinois Valley High School, Hidden Valley High School, and New Hope Christian School.

The purpose of Pink Week is to raise awareness throughout Josephine County high schools by implementing interactive and educational events throughout the week. The concept of Pink Week came from North Valley High School in 2014 and was implemented in 2015.


  • Over 1,500 students were exposed to the effects of breast cancer and the importance of preventative care.
  • All three schools had dress up days to raise awareness at their schools and sold Pink Week merchandise to raise money.
  • Money was raised and will be given Breast Friends, a non-profit organization that ensures no one goes through cancer alone. Breast Friends teaches friends and family how to offer support, directly offers support groups, offers counseling services, and so much more.
  • Pink balloons were released during half time at both Illinois Valley High School and Hidden Valley High School football games and at New Hope Christian School during the Volleyball game. The balloons symbolize those who are fighting, or fought, breast cancer.
  • There were Pink Week assemblies at Hidden Valley High School and New Hope Christian School where their own teachers discussed their battle with breast cancer.
  • The three student project leaders – Kippy Easley from Hidden Valley High School, Taylor Hammers from Illinois Valley High School, and Katie Bergor from New Hope Christian School- all planned their own successful ways to raise money at their schools.
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“During the week of pink week we made sure to always have someone at hand to be helping out. Whether it was selling t-shirts or getting the word out. We sold shirts, bracelets, backpacks, etc. At the varsity volleyball game we raised money doing pass the bucket and pink merchandise selling. At the football game we had several kids handing out 50/50 tickets and again selling pink merchandise. During half time we let balloons free in honor of anyone who has or had breast cancer. Also during half time we did a dash for cash and raised over $100. In all we raised about $1,000 and all proceeds will go to breast friends.” ~Kippy Easley, Pink Week Project Lead at HVHS

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2017 Pink Week