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November 2015 Ceremony

November 2015 Ceremony

14 Teacher’s received grants totaling $13,000 through JCF’s 2nd Annual Student Enrichment Program.

Devin Pine and Jasmine Pinkerton led this year’s ceremony and welcomed all those in attendance to hear more about JCF’s mission and vision for the community. To start off the night they introduced JCF’s Student President, Sylvia Marr, and she shared about JCF and some of the projects they have been involved with. The audience learned that JCF is a student-led non-profit that is invested in helping Josephine County through community service projects. Three of those projects were going to be honored this night at the awards ceremony: Student Enrichment Program, Campus Closet Project, and Pink Week.

Devin Pine and Jasmine Pinkerton students from Hidden Valley High school were two of the leads on the Student Enrichment Program, and they announced the awardees and brought them to the front of the room at Taprock Northwest Grill in downtown Grants Pass, and awarded them funding for their programs.

“Handing out this money is important to me because we are changing the students of this areas future. We are bringing them exciting new ways to learn and experience in the classroom.”~ Devin Pine

All recipients were overjoyed and eager to share with the audience their plans for implementing their programs.   Teacher Leslie Henriques shared her plan to purchase new books for a brand new classroom library at Merlin Alternative School; she had this to say about the impact the program would have:

“I have a lot of students that have travelled a rough road to get here. Many of them have lost their pride along the way.  They don’t know if anyone wants to invest in them anymore, including their education.  This makes it 100 times more difficult for them to invest in themselves. A lot of my students have never owned a new book.  I wanted them to see that they are valuable as students, both as individuals in my class and students in our district.  They are worth something; educating them is worth something.  Providing a classroom library of NEW books, purchased with THEIR education and interest in mind could light a fire for them, reiterate their importance in my class each day, and hopefully give them a sense of pride in their learning, and bigger pictures themselves as learners and contributors to society.  For me, education is all about sparking interest, awakening their inner life-long learner and positive contributor.  This new classroom library is a step in the right direction!  For some students, it could be that necessary spark!”

Proceeds of Pink Week are Donated to Asante’s Connie Fiske Memorial Fund

Nikki Dutrow a JCF student member from North Valley High School announced the success of a recent Breast Cancer Awareness Project called “Pink Week”. This project while raising awareness also raised funding that was awarded to Asante’s Connie Fiske Memorial Fund. On behalf of the Fund, Randall Fiske the husband of the late Connie Fiske was invited to accept the donation. Randall shared some unfortunate statistics of Breast Cancer and praised all the work that the Connie Fiske Fund was doing to help. His support and appreciation of JCF students involved with this project was heard loud and clear when he said:

“It is an inspiration to the people of my generation to see that the young adults of our community are so involved, and not all teens are sitting on their sofa’s playing video games.”~ Randall Fiske, husband of the late Connie Fiske

JCF Awards $7,223 to Schools involved with the Campus Closet Project

Cheyanne Dodge a JCF member from North Valley High School took the lead on the project called Campus Closets. These are rooms on three high school campuses where low income and homeless teens can go to get clothing items, food items, and school supplies for free. Three high schools were granted funding to revamp these rooms and make them more comfortable for students who shop there. Cheyanne handed out funding for these rooms to the school’s Student Advocates and shared the importance of students having confidence in their appearance and how these rooms will help increase graduation rates by increasing self-esteem.

“I am so proud of our JCF students who recognized the need for the Campus Closets, did the hard work of developing the Closets and their commitment to help fellow students stay in school and succeed.” ~ Jewel Shane, North Valley High School Student Advocate.

This year JCF’s Ceremony awarded $20,500 in grants and donated $1,425 to a local organization.

All those in attendance were impacted by the funding being put back into Josephine County and the JCF Students were grateful to be a part of such amazing projects in their community!

To read more about Pink Week, the Student Enrichment Program, or the Campus Closet Project please click here.