JCF’s Annual Awards Ceremony!
May 2015 Ceremony

May 2015 Ceremony

Penelope DiGennaro discussed the success at Sunny Wolf Charter School – thanks in part to grant funding JCF helped them obtain.

In May 2015, JCF held its second annual awards ceremony with the theme of “Celebrate Success”.    Penelope DiGennaro, the Principal of the Sunny Wolf Charter School, was the keynote speaker and told of the academic success of their students and the overall success of the school which only started four years earlier after the traditional elementary school in Wolf Creek was closed.  She spoke about all the community support in rebuilding the old school, but gave a special thanks to JCF saying, “the funding you provided directly and through grants you wrote for us enabled the school to rebuild two bathrooms which had been stripped bare, but equally important you taught us how to write our own grants in the future.   The entire community was amazed that you chose them to benefit from your first dental and health clinic.”

Chris Pendleton introduces JCF’s new Program Manager Brittni Dumas

JCF Awards $30,000 to local fire departments and $11,000 for Student Enrichment Programs!

JCF students spoke about all their projects for the year:  Business Academy, Vision Clinic, Student Enrichment Projects, Backpack Project and the Fire Needs Program.   $11,000 had previously been awarded for the Student Enrichment Projects.  However, that evening Ashley Pearson presented over $30,000 in funding to four local fire department to purchase much needed medical and fire equipment to help insure the safety of our citizens.   JCF Executive VP Katherine Haley said, “I have not only learned many great leadership qualities, but I’ve seen first-hand how what I do affects my community.  We prepare for the future by working hard, making mistakes, and solving problems – and we as individuals are what make JCF so special.”

$10,000 Scholarship awarded to Rilynn Hansen

JCF thanked its five graduating JCF seniors for their years of service and wished them well in college.  JCF awarded its annual $10,000 scholarship to Rilynn Hansen, who served as the JCF President for two years and played an instrumental role in the growth of JCF.

“The JCF scholarship means so much to me as it has allowed me to go to Grand Canyon University in Phoenix, AZ.  I chose that school because of their program in non-profit business.”View Rilynn’s article »

Dr. Kurt Wilkening – visionary leader of three JCF Vision Clinics – is the first inductee into the JCF Hall of Fame

The highlight of the evening was the induction into the Josephine County Foundation Hall of Fame of Dr. Kurt Wilkening – the visionary leader of three JCF Vision Clinics.  His many contributions to JCF and the community rightfully makes him the first recipient of this honor as he is an irreplaceable asset to JCF.  His Amigo Vision has been providing free eye clinics around the world for 15 years, so it was only natural for the students to ask him to do the same for the needy residents of Josephine County.  In accepting the award, Dr. Wilkening said, “It continues to bring me great pleasure to be able to utilize my knowledge to help others in need.  Equally important, exposing high school students to optometry, teaching them the use of the equipment and to confidently dilate the eyes of a patient, opens a whole new world of opportunities for their future.”

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