JCF’s 1st Award Ceremony!
May 2014 Ceremony

May 2014 Ceremony

What is the Josephine County Foundation?

As the first annual awards ceremony, the students explained to community members in attendance what is the mission and accomplishments of the JCF.  President Rilynn Hansen welcomed everybody; Nicole Wee described recognition awards received by JCF; Melody Lindorf discussed what JCF means to the students; and Sylvia Marr thanked everybody for their support, service to the community and for attending the ceremony.   Board members Frank Ault served as the Master of Ceremonies, Erica Butler talked about JCF and our community; and Chris Pendleton introduced all current student officers, thanked them for their service and introduced the new officer team for the 2014-2015 academic year.

Making Josephine County Safer – $35,000 in grants to our fire department

The wildfires in the summer of 2013 made an impact on the entire community with over a month of heavy smoke choking the County and over 70,000 acres burnt.  JCF students surveyed all six fire departments in the County to determine their equipment needs.  They set a two-year goal to raise $60,000 to buy critical lower cost pieces of firefighting and medical equipment.  They raised and granted over $35,000 in the first year.  The funds went to buy fire hose and nozzles, communication radios, pagers for volunteer firefighters, and firefighter safety clothing.

Grant checks were presented at the ceremony to the following:  Applegate Valley Fire, Grants Pass Fire/Rescue, Illinois Valley Fire, Rural Metro Fire, Williams Fire and Wolf Creek Fire.  These grants to our volunteer fire stations, which serve rural areas with small tax generating property values, enabled the purchase fire equipment to protect property and medical equipment to help all residents who have a medical emergency or rescue situation.

“It was amazing that high school students recognized a need in their community and responded to it by raising funds for equipment to help every fire department in the County fulfill its mission of protecting lives and saving property”, ~ Mike Kuntz, Fire Chief Williams Fire Department.

Smokejumper Air Base

With the emphasis during the 2013-2014 school year on the wildfires from the summer of 2013 and the fundraising program the students undertook to help our firefighters, it was only appropriate to have our featured speaker talk about a very unique piece of firefighting history in Josephine County.  Roger Brandt spoke about Smokejumper Air Base which existed in Illinois Valley serving much of Southern Oregon and northern California for many years.  There is now a museum there to document the history of that facility at the Illinois Valley Airfield.  One interesting note was that Astronaut Stuart Roosa, who was the command module pilot on Apollo 14, was a smokejumper stationed at that base before entering the space program.

Sunny Wolf Charter School

JCF has been a major supporter of the Sunny Wolf Charter School, which is the only elementary school serving the far northern portion of our County.  JCF working with Sunny Wolf leadership to receive a $14,600 grant from the Oregon Community Foundation for bathroom renovations. JCF students also designated the $600 that they won for being selected the youth non-profit of the year by the State of Oregon go to Sunny Wolf.   Lastly, Rilynn Hansen, representing her sister Morgan, Cedar Wilkening and herself, presented Sunny Wolf a check for $1,500 which was the prize money the team won for placing 1st in the nation in their Future Business Leaders of America competition with their JCF vision clinic community service project.  That brought to $16,700 the total JCF helped fund for the Sunny Wolf bathrooms.

“We cannot thank the JCF students enough for holding their  dental/health clinic here in Wolf Creek and raising funds to help us convert this abandoned school into a top notch charter elementary school for our community”, ~ Sarah McNamara, school principal.

Students Teaching Students

JCF high school students taught a six-session course to 20 leadership students at Lincoln Savage Middle School about the basics of business.  The sessions were held for two hours each after school hours.    One session focused on business etiquette and another on non-profits.  After learning about non-profits, the students formed ten teams of two students.  Each team chose a local non-profit to support.  The teams prepared a grant proposal and, in the final session, they made a presentation to a panel of judges from Roe Motors, Dutch Bros and Rogue Federal.  The middle school students with a grant proposal to support our local libraries was judged the winner of the competition. A check for $1,000 was presented to Kate Lasky representing the Josephine County Libraries.  This award was made possible by funding from Rogue Federal Credit Union. The students on the winning team also had $500 go to a project of their choice at their school, Lincoln Savage.

“Our libraries are here to serve all residents, especially the children in our community.  It was such a pleasure to have these students do a project to support our libraries.  It shows the value our students place in our libraries”, ~ Kate Lasky, Executive Director, Josephine County Libraries.

$10,000 in Scholarships Awarded to JCF students

Board Chairman, Frank Ault, announced the 2014 scholarship award winners.  Joshua Allan from Illinois Valley High School was awarded an $8,000 scholarship ($2,000 per year) to attend the Oregon Institute of Technology and Ricky Reebel from New Hope Christian High School was awarded a $2,000 scholarship ($1,000 per year) to attend Rogue Community College.  Ricky’s scholarship could be renewed for another two years at $1,000 per year, if after graduating from RCC, he continues to a four-year college.

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