Immense Possibilities!
JCF’s 3rd Annual Awards Ceremony

JCF’s 3rd Annual Awards Ceremony


In May 2016, JCF held its third annual awards ceremony with the theme of “Immense Possibilities”.    Jeff Golden, the host of the television show Immense Possibilities, was the keynote speaker and told of his interaction with the Josephine County Foundation on his show. Jeff Golden spoke of his passion to bring business alive to youngsters; the episode that featured JCF was titled “Young People Who Mean Business”.

JCF students presented all of the projects from this last year that had been implemented and also announced which projects were going to be annual events. By presenting these projects the students displayed the direction the foundation is heading and honestly they were able to brag a bit about the many accomplishments they had achieved throughout the 2015-2016 school year.

“The Josephine County Foundation provides so many immense possibilities for students, like myself, to develop and lead service projects in the community.”

~Milo Dolonatree JCF Student

Business Academy & 2nd Annual Student Enrichment Program

As an organization we have done projects to make the education in this community more enriching. We have taught business to students and granted $13,000 to local teachers.

2nd Annual Day of Service

With our help an entire school took a day to serve their community, helping to improve the area.

4th Annual Vision Clinic & Pink Week

We influenced the health of the community by providing free vision care to over 80 people and fundraised for a local breast cancer foundation that provides free services to the men and women Josephine County.

Campus Closets

Alec Kalevicoglu a JCF student from North Valley High School shared the impact one project is having on their school, the Campus Closet or as they named it the “Knight’s Closet”. The Knight’s Closet has truly become a place that students are going who need clothing, school supplies, and food. The JCF students at North Valley felt that they could not have accomplished this project without the help of Jewel Shane the student Advocate at the school. Her passion and heart has really shined through this project and the students wanted to recognize her hard work at this year’s Awards Ceremony. The students came together and decided to present Jewel Shane with an Award called “The New Beginnings Award”. Alec presented Jewel with the Award and thanked and recognized her for “changing lives and providing new beginnings for homeless and low income teens.”

“WOW! This is fantastic. I have students who use the Knights Closet on an ongoing basis. I have as many as 25 students during the lunches, but average is around 12. I still have students discovering the closet and it is fun to hear their expression when they walk through the door.”

~Jewel Shane Student Advocate North Valley High School

Project Float

JCF Executive Director Chris Pendleton presented on Project FLOAT which involved building life jacket loaner stations at two parks on the Rogue River and stocking another park that already has a facility for life jackets to be stored.

JCF Hall of Fame

JCF Board Chairman Frank Ault was thrilled to present this year’s inductee into the JCF Hall of Fame; County Commissioner Keith Heck! The Josephine County Foundation is so thankful to have the support of Mr. Heck over the last few years. Keith Heck has encouraged our JCF students to reach for the stars and participated in multiple JCF events from Community Convening’s to business luncheons hosted by the students themselves!

“Keith Heck has been a strong supporter of JCF since our inception in 2011; he was also the first individual to make a financial donation to our foundation. His participation in several community service events and convening’s has positively impacted many JCF students and their commitment to this community.”

~Frank Ault

Senior Send Off

JCF thanked its three graduating JCF seniors for their years of service and wished them well in college; Kaelan Fisher, Ha’aheo Ordonez, and Skyla Patton. JCF awarded its annual scholarship to Skyla Patton, who served as the JCF Co-President for the last year and played an instrumental role in the growth of JCF not only at her campus IVHS but JCF as a whole.

“Thanks to the scholarship from JCF I was able to complete my 3 to 1 match through Dream Savers! I will be attending the University of Oregon with this scholarship and majoring in Journalism and Communication!

~Skyla Patton