Mission • Vision • Purpose

Mission Statement

A student-led non-profit that inspires, engages, and strengthens the community through innovative leadership and service.


To transform Josephine County into a vibrant community in which every individual has the opportunity to be healthy, educated, and prosperous.


High school students of the Josephine County Foundation (JCF) use their energy and creativity to improve the social and economic wellbeing of Josephine County. Working with local leaders, students identify community needs and perform service projects to address those needs. JCF students learn valuable leadership and teamwork skills by managing their service projects, operating a non-profit business, and raising funds for their projects. Through JCF, students are becoming an experienced generation of philanthropists with a lifelong commitment to the community.
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JCF’s Relationship with the Community

The Josephine County Foundation (JCF) has formed a partnership with the Community to work together to: improve the social and economic wellbeing of all residents; increase the quality of life; and make the Community more vibrant.


Resources: Community leaders provide JCF with ideas about the needs of the Community and resources in the form of volunteers, material, and funding for service projects. JCF provides a lasting benefit to the Community as a result of their service projects which impact individuals and the Community at large.

People: The Community enables JCF to succeed by its citizens supporting JCF, spreading the word about what JCF accomplishes and partnering to make service projects successful. JCF students provide energy and creative solutions to address community issues through their service projects.

Service Projects: Service Projects are provided by JCF to benefit the community’s health, education, and employment rates. These projects enhance the quality of life of their target audience but also benefit the students who organized them, giving them significant service, leadership and team building experience.

Lifelong Leaders: The students learn valuable skills from being involved with this foundation. Being a part of a nonprofit organization at such a young age and having the ability to impact the Community today leads to the development of our future leaders and philanthropists, serving for a lifetime.