As a leading non-profit organization in Southern Oregon, Josephine County Youth Foundation (JCYF) provides leadership development and training for students in Josephine and Jackson Counties. JCYF is a student led non-profit that inspires, engages and strengthens the community through innovative leadership and service.

JCYF is born!

JCYF was founded in 2011 by students and active members of the community, Frank Ault, Chris Pendleton, Dale Fisher and Joan Jones. The students were looking for a way to have a more hands on approach to helping, serving and supporting their community at large. The students realized there were members of their community that were in need and they wanted to find a way to give back.

It all started with a Vision Clinic. Dr. Wilkening and his team volunteered to partner with JCYF and donate his time and services to provide free eye screenings and glasses to those in need in Josephine County. Since 2011, we have served over 1,000 members of our community with eye screenings and over 500 pairs of free glasses.

With the success and positive feedback from the Vision Clinic, the students knew they were onto something great. They have worked tirelessly to create opportunities to serve their community with projects such as Pink Week, Dan Fiske Day of Service, Project Halt, Project Float, Project Cash, Student Enrichment and so many more.

In addition to community service projects, the students receive 4+ years of leadership training and development. JCYF provides hands on technical training that goes beyond the standard High School curriculum. JCYF students learn valuable life skills such as public speaking, grant writing, fundraising, project management, leadership, business management, budgeting, digital strategy and more.

The students in JCYF have a huge heart for their community. Each year they choose, create and develop projects and programs that are close to their hearts and homes and positively impacts Josephine County.

Each year as we say goodbye to our graduates and welcome our incoming middle school and freshmen students, we are grateful that we’re able to continue to positively impact these students, their families and the community. Many JCYF alumni return to Josephine and Jackson Counties and continue to give back and serve their community.


JCYF members represent all 5 high schools in Josephine County, New Hope Middle School and High School, as well as Rogue River Middle School and High School. JCYF provides students access to school advisers and community volunteers that also have a heart of service.